Registration Form

Registration is NOW OPEN for IN PERSON SCHOOL for academic year 2022-23.

This year there are 2 separate registration forms, one for language, and another for Islamic Studies. Please fill in the forms even if your child attended school last year.

For Language program registration click on the following link, then click on Register button at the bottom of the page , then select "ARABIC-Hikmah" or "URDU-Hikmah". The fee for language program is $10 plus cost of books which will be charged upon school opening.

Please choose Hikmah School when you submit language registration.

Click here for Language Program Registration LINK

For Islamic Studies program registration please click on the following link, fill the form, and finally click on submit. Then send an e-Transfer to Password= hikmah

Fee: $275 per student. You can pay by installment.

Click here for Islamic Studies Program Registration LINK.

Registration Process:

1) Click on the links above. Please carefully read the online form, and fill the form completely

2) For Islamic Studies program, Fee can be paid by Paypal (You do not need a PayPal account, you can Either pay with your paypal account or with your credit card)

Click here to go to paypal

3) If you have any difficulty filling the form, please go to Contact Us page or email to and we will get back to you, insha-allah.