The school runs two programs on Saturdays from September to June.

1) International Languages Program (Urdu and Arabic)

2) Islamic Studies and Quran Recitation Program

You may enroll your child in any one program or both programs, i.e. you do not have to register your child in language program in order to attend Islamic Studies program and vice-versa.

International Languages Program - 9:30AM to NOON (12:00)

    • We offer Arabic OR Urdu program for children entering JK to Grade 8 in September.

    • This program runs from 9:30AM to 12:00 (NOON).

    • A child can only be registered in either Urdu or Arabic but not both. We can offer other languages if we receive enough interest from parents.

    • Parents will be contacted if their child needs to be assessed for language grade placement with an evaluation date, time and location.

    • The KMA instructional team aims at using various teaching materials and modern teaching methodologies to deliver the language program.

    • Language will be taught through songs, stories, visual art projects, drama, games, contests, reading buddies, hobby clubs and much more.

    • This program is funded by Government of Ontario and Supported by Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (French-Catholic School Board)..

    • For information on Curriculum , click on Arabic or Urdu

Islamic Studies and Quran Recitation Program - NOON (12:00) to 2:30PM

    • This program is open to children entering JK to Grade 8 in September.

    • The program runs from noon (12:00) to 2:15PM.

    • Islamic Education is taught in English to better convey the desired message to our children.

    • We chose to take these new path for weekend learning because we feel that students have to fully understand, feel, engage and participate in their Islamic education and that can only be achieved if instruction happens in their first language: English.·

    • Islamic Studies will be taught through nasheeds, stories, visual arts, drama, games, community involvement and much more.

    • Students will receive Quran Lesson in the afternoon. Our focus will be on a brief understanding of the selected ayat through short activities and stories, correct pronunciation and recitation practice.

    • For information on Curriculum , click on Islamic Studies and Quran