Islamic Studies and Quran


    • The Islamic Studies and Quran Program runs from 12:00- 2:30

    • Parents can choose to only register for Islamic Studies in the afternoon.

    • Students will be placed according to their regular school grade level, i.e no evaluation for placement will take place.


Students will receive Quran lesson in the afternoon by qualified Tajweed teachers. Our focus will be on brief understanding of the ayat through short activities and stories, correct pronunciation and recitation practice.

Islamic Studies:

    • Islamic Education is taught in English to better convey the desired message to our children. We chose to take these new path for weekend learning because we feel that students have to fully understand, feel, engage and participate in their Islamic education and that can only be achieved if instruction happens in their first language: English.

    • Islamic Studies will be taught through nasheeds, stories, visual arts, drama, games, community involvement and much more.

    • The Islamic Studies curriculum will be adapted from - Weekend Learning Islamic Studies. These books are designed to provide a meaningful direction to Islamic education for students growing up in the West.


    • Coloring pages

    • Challenging exercises

    • Vast array of Islamic topics

    • Purpose-driven lessons

    • Illustrations throughout the series

    • Simple words and large, easy-to-read font

    • Recommended for weekend schools

For more information on this complete series:

For full curriculum table of contents for all grade levels and for sample lesson plans: